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Michael Briggs - Engineer
Affordable Digital Recording
in Denton, Texas
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Civil Recording is an affordable digital recording studio located in Denton, Texas and is the home studio for the Violitionist Sessions series. Civil is owned by engineer Michael Briggs.

In addition to recording Violitionist Sessions with some of the best Texas and National / International touring bands around, Civil is now open to the public to make records for bands of all types.

Civil is a 24-channel digital recording studio inside a home with a 12' x 21' live room that provides a great sound as well as additional rooms available for increased isolation.

The goal of Civil Recording is to provide a very affordable option to the North Texas area and beyond to record your band's album with quality results and an authentic sound.

Mixing and Mastering services are available for at reasonable prices. Email michael@civilrecording.com for details and rates.
24 Track Interface
Selection of Microphones
Assorted Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Assorted Toy Keyboards & Misc Noisemakers

Sunn Coliseum 880
Ampeg SVT
Sunn Concert Bass
Peavey Roadmaster
Traynor TS-50B
Vox AC30
Kustom K200B
Gretsch 6159 Combo
Traynor YBA-3
Acoustic 140

Dietz 1x15
Avatar 1x12
Traynor 4x12
Sunn 2x15
Kustom 2x15
Vox 4x12
Acoustic 6x10

NOTE: Not all gear is in the studio at all times. If you would like to use any amp or cab listed above please let me know in advance so I can make sure its available.
Michael Briggs
Denton, Texas 76201

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